Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Walking Meditation Prints

Relief Plate
This is a series of prints I started this week~I have been working with the solar plate process. It can be used both italgio and relief. Both the relief and intalgio plates were created as I was walking through the park with my prepared plates and sharpened a branch from a tree. I took a few moments to meditate before I began drawing on the plates. Then: Taking time to draw what inspired me as I was walking, not looking at my plate just looking at the surroundings and drawing quietly. I did this for several plates. This was about the feeling one gets in being with nature~not drawing a representational tree but letting the drawing evolve and capture the energy of nature, quiet and the mark. Whether it was a lamp post, tree or a park bench....the lines just emerged. I took the plate back to the studio where I worked on varying the width of mark, in order to convey a sense of air and emotion. This was challenging for me because I was working small....but I chose to work small in order to work through the process and see what effects I could achieve.
Relief Print  8" x 6"

Intalgio 6" x 4"

Intalgio 6" x 4"

Monday, June 2, 2014

June Update

Most of this semester has been spent working in a somewhat realistic manner, though I would consider it abstracted realism. My goal is to respond to my surroundings in an expressive and conceptual manner. I have referred to my landscapes for the following paintings.
38" x 28 " Acrylic on Panel
38" x 28"   Acrylic on Panel

29" x 22"  Acrylic on Panel