Friday, July 18, 2014

The Residency went by so quickly!  It is hard to believe that I am starting my second semester!  The work was reminescent of meditative space....some realism,  abstraction and prints which were actually done as walking meditation excercises.
Meetings with my new advisor Tony Apesos and my mentor Heddi Siebel (a multi media artist) went well!  Tony suggested several books and essays. He also asked me if I work quickly ...why not make "several" drawings or paintings....etc.  This also came up when I met with Heddi.  I brought almost everything I had at the Residency and we had a critique....discussed mark making, the walking meditation process and landscapes.  Heddi also suggested that I work on many pieces....working through the process of walking meditation.  She also suggested that I work on color and value studies.  I am very excited about the upcoming semester and wworking with Heddi~her work is amazing!
The above piece shows a bit of the angst in getting started.....when faced with a blank sheet of paper!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

New books for the coming semester

I just received new books for the semester~

The Artist Grows Old - Philip Sohm
The Coming of Age - Simone de Beauvoir
Sky Above Earth Below -John P. Milton
Trust The Process An Artist's Guide to Letting Go - Shaun McNiff