Thursday, November 26, 2015


After meeting with my mentor, we decided the top needed to change, it needed to have a feel of infinity. I contacted Tom (the welder) and we made some adjustments. I felt we needed to elongate the top structure. It is difficult to see in the photos but we managed to keep the integrity of the dome threads on the inside of the top. I am not sure where the top will go from here....continue the process! Ultimately, I will wrap fine stainless steel and silk and linen fibers around the piece.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Top Inside threading
Bottom Inside Threading
Aside from a few minor changes.....the prototype turned cocoon is finished.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Studio Update....

Hours of threading, wrapping, dipping and drying~Abaca Pulp from the top of my head to the floor!!!

Loosening Abaca



Adding some depth to the piece
Top dipped twice

Four Cycles of dipping

Sunday, October 4, 2015

October Update

The prototype for my thesis project has come along....hopefully it will actually work as a piece itself. I purchased some netting for the piece, only to remove it later. I felt it was to consistent would rather go back into the piece with my own hand. The wrapping has begun on the large piece~


Contained Within
2 of there sections started

Saturday, September 12, 2015

September Update

I met with Tom Sleeper, a welder to start the framework of my project. Tommy made a jig for me to heat and form the rods. After about 3 times I was comfortable with turning the torch on and adjusting the flame...I had to keep the flame about 1/4" away from the rods until it turned orange and keep moving slowly. One thing I found difficult to manage~the steel would expand when heated so I had to heat, move and clamp at the same time so the rods would keep the curved shape the jig. The clamps were large and stiff so I had a difficult time holding onto the torch and opening the clamp....but in the end it worked out I got a rhythm and decided nothing is perfect to keep the evidence of my hand and the organics of the materials. After putting the 3/8" rods together we decided it needed more structure. Tom and I added 3/16" rods in-between this would help in keeping the rounded shape of the structure. After Tom welded the screws onto the bases I put the sections together to see how we were progressing....

Originally, the thought was to only have 2 rows of horizontals for support but after putting 2 in we made the decision in order to keep the integrity of the structure it would be better to add more. I did not want the horizontals to be straight across but also not so erratic that they were distracting so I held the cross rods while Tom welded and moved them slightly each time.....

Heating and Shaping Rods
Screwing in the sections

Side Supports Added

Comparing prototype 

Set Up

Starting to take shape

Continuing my own practice of quiet in the busy life, I have been practicing Tai Chi. Last week the instructor was discussing the benefits of the practice and made a statement that was relevant to my thesis....a t'ai chi body becomes like iron, wrapped in cotton...strong on the inside, soft on the outside.    My thoughts on the prototype are that hopefully when all is said and done, the tomato cages and threads will become a cocoon! I have found that the wrapping and tying etc. is really labor intense, with that I have ordered some fish netting and plan to try to incorporate that into the piece. The plan is to tear and cut and make openings which I will then sew, wrap and tie threads to the structure of the prototype...

Saturday, August 22, 2015

Studio project finally getting started ....

Working with welder Tom Sleeper to get metal work together. Using the concept of duality, I will use the rusted steel framework along with delicate threads. Fortunately, Tommy had found this very old, hand forged round hoop in the woods and was generous enough to give it to me for the base of the project. I decided it should open up in the center as to avoid any injury when entering the piece.
 I heated the rods to test for rusting, we added acid to the one on the left, on the right we heated and
 clear coated the top.  My thought is heat only on the rods because I would like the rust to be evenly distributed, but I am open. we will see how they looks next week with time to oxidize.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Down to the wire......

This semester has been challenging....working with the threads and sculptural pieces-tying them into my paintings and prints! Articulating the work into the writings....
In 2 weeks "critiques begin"!
Thread and Pulp
Thread, Pulp, Ink and Hanji,

Thread, Ink and Pulp

Woodcut in Progress

Harmony Hammond at the Rose Gallery at Brandeis

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Semester is Winding Down!

As the semester is winding down I am trying to wrap up projects that have been started and work through the details of presentation.  I have worked on a few painting in reference to mark making techniques and implementing the materials I have used throughout the semester. I am not sure what I should call the sculptural boxes....assemblage, reliefs, sculpture or line thing I am sure of is - an important part of these geometric shaped pieces is they create imagery on the wall when hung in a certain light.  I chose to keep the framework around several, not only keeping in mind the discourse of "fine art" but also of the confinement and containment.  The pieces without the framework also lend themselves to mark making though here it is the sense of fragility that accompanies this piece.

In my research I discover gampi silk tissue paper.....needless to say I loved the transparency and fragility (though it is said to be very strong paper)
~so I decided to experiment with it and mark making.
Acrylic Kozo Fiber on Panel

Acrylic and Thread on Canvas

Acrylic, Sumi Ink and Acrylic Ink on Paper

Thread and Pulp

Thread, Wood and Pulp

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

American Textile Museum and MASSMoCA

Textiles of Artists Picasso to Warhol:

One of many of Calder's silkscreen print fibers

Teresita Fernandez and Lee Boroson at MASSMoCA

In Fernandez's work the viewer enters the image.....

Plastics ....Boroson's installation....