Saturday, November 15, 2014

November Update

24" x 12"
Acrylic and Pigment Sticks on Panel

Acrylic on Tar Paper
11" x  25"
Sumi Ink, Acrylic on Paper
The work has shifted to an internal landscape.....My meditation workshop ends tomorrow, the twelve week workshop was based on the Elements and associated aspects: Space, Air, Fire, Earth and Water. I wish I had the time to research more on this, but the focus is more on my studio practice and readings, though I have been doing some reading on the practice of meditation.
44" x 31"
Sumi Ink, Acrylic and Oil on Paper 
Lately, I have been drawing and markmaking with sumi ink, pouring acrylics and re-visiting using silk organza on my work. According to my instructor- the "veil" (that obscures the clear mind) is lifted by the breath (a bridge and connector between the body, mind and spirit).
96" 35"
acrylic, sumi ink
72" x 26"
Charcoal, Sumi Ink and Walnut Ink
21" x 36"
Sumi Ink,Charcoal, Acrylic Ink and Silk Organza
Acrylic Ink and Silk Organza and Fabriano Watercolor Paper