Monday, August 4, 2014

This weeks work~

 While on my morning walks I lisiten to the artist interviews on utube in hopes I will not encounter a bear and I will be inspired when I get back to has been a struggle getting back into the groove!  
That being said a 16' piece of white paper is intimidating ......I decided to start with some black tar paper we had in the basement.  Earlier in the week I decided to experiment making some black, warm and cool grays.
Here are a few images I worked on using  walking and meditation while up in the White Mountains. I am working only in black/white/gray.
18" x 67"

18" x 67"

36" x 96"


It has been a difficult start....but I am at least starting! The focus is on mark making,  I began with a large trace monotype done with sticks. I then printed the plate which was not so succesful because Idecided not to wet the papaer and I ended up with more texture than I wanted! I am using the solar plates as reference for the drawings/paintings.
Trace Monotype 20" x  60"

Monotype 20" x  60"