Saturday, September 6, 2014

Response to the Landscape

I am continuing to work with the concept of meditative space and landscape~focusing more on the emotional quality of the spaces we occupy than the literal. I have also worked on mark making with blind contour drawings plien air. Though some pieces have a figurative element, others are more focused on the rhythms and forms in nature. At the advice of my mentor Heddi, I plan to start journaling my thoughts on the landscape and possibly other spaces I occupy.
Acrylic on Paper 35" x 133"

Acrylic on Paper 20" x 60"

Acrylic on Paper 7" x 21"

Acrylic on Paper 7" x 21"
 Tomorrow I begin a meditation practice which will focus on space, air, fire earth and water. We will start with the element of space (or lack of) and its corresponding qualities and emotions and how that plays out in our daily lives. This could be a new and interesting way to approach my work. I apologize for any extra shadows in corners of photos...due to the rocks holding the papers!
Encaustic Collagraph  12" x 36"

Carborundum Collagraph 12" x 36"

Monotype 6" x 24"