Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Semester is Winding Down!

As the semester is winding down I am trying to wrap up projects that have been started and work through the details of presentation.  I have worked on a few painting in reference to mark making techniques and implementing the materials I have used throughout the semester. I am not sure what I should call the sculptural boxes....assemblage, reliefs, sculpture or line thing I am sure of is - an important part of these geometric shaped pieces is they create imagery on the wall when hung in a certain light.  I chose to keep the framework around several, not only keeping in mind the discourse of "fine art" but also of the confinement and containment.  The pieces without the framework also lend themselves to mark making though here it is the sense of fragility that accompanies this piece.

In my research I discover gampi silk tissue paper.....needless to say I loved the transparency and fragility (though it is said to be very strong paper)
~so I decided to experiment with it and mark making.
Acrylic Kozo Fiber on Panel

Acrylic and Thread on Canvas

Acrylic, Sumi Ink and Acrylic Ink on Paper

Thread and Pulp

Thread, Wood and Pulp

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